Rather than negotiating ad placements one campaign at a time with individual publishers, we can place all the impressions you want in real time and all over the Web. There are two buying methods available:

Real-Time Bidding:

  • Places your ads all over the web, wherever your audience is.
  • Each impression is profiled and evaluated in milliseconds as a browser loads a web page.
  • Enables audience-based targeting, rather than strictly content-based.

Programmatic Direct:

  • Places your ads on pre-determined sites or sections programmatically.
  • More efficient than negotiating each individual campaign with lots of publishers.
  • Due to efficiency benefits, more and more publishers are choosing to go programmatic only.
  • Can be combined with audience targeting to only reach the users you want to reach, rather than each publisher's entire audience.

Programmatic Buying allows advertisers to send the right message, to the right person, at the right time.http://localhost:58003/media/1023/solutions-infographic.png